Matthew King
Boston MA

Solo Exhibitions

2016 The Vanishing American, Harper’s Apartment, New York NY

2015 Paintings From The 1970’s, Grin, Providence RI

2015 This Side Down, Harper’s Books, East Hampton NY

Group Exhibitions

2017 Eight, Elizabeth Houston Gallery, New York NY

2017 Habitat/Ion, Bakalar & Paine Gallery, Boston MA

2017 Referent, Room 83 Spring, Watertown MA

2016 Painting/Object, Library Street Collective, Los Angeles CA

2016 Ground Rules, Sugar Gallery, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville AR

2016 27th MassArt Auction, Bakalar & Paine Gallery, Boston MA

2015 TEEM, Grin, Providence RI

2014 nonspace, Grin, Providence RI

2014 Proof Of Purchase, Samson Projects, Boston MA

2014 25th MassArt Auction, Bakalar & Paine Gallery, Boston MA

2014 Swell, Grin, Providence RI

2013 Calamity & Ruin, Projekt 722, Brooklyn NY

2013 Off The Wall, Danforth Art Museum, Framingham MA

2013 Some Place Here, Grin, Providence RI

2012 The Great Art Robbery, Space 213, Boston MA

2011 Transmedium, Limerick-Frazier Gallery, Austin TX

2011 Stay Afloat, Future Labs Gallery, Boston MA

2010 Bullfinch Hotel, Boston MA

2010 Emerging Artists, Massachusetts Transportation Building, Boston MA

2010 Collective, Galatea Gallery, Boston MA

2010 Are We There Yet?, Arnheim Gallery, Boston MA


“The Vanishing American” Harper’s Books 2016

“Matthew King: This Side Down” Harper’s Books 2015


New American Paintings 122, Open Studio Press 2016

Library Street Collective: Cutting Edge Art Objects, Genie Davis, Art and Cake LA 2016

Matthew King Paintings: Dramatic Precision & Industrial Poetry, Janet Goleas, Hamptons Art Hub 2015

Life’s a Beach: 5 Must See Art Shows on View Now, Autre Magazine 2015

Matthew King, Art Daily News 2015

An East Hampton Bookstore Pops Up In Manhattan, Renata Mosci, New York Times Magazine Blog 2015

History Lesson, Greg Cook, The Providence Phoenix 2014

Adventure-land, Greg Cook, The Providence Phoenix 2014


2010 Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA, Bachelor of Fine Arts